This Eclectic Hippie is here to help!

I just want to support you. I'm not a fan of taking advantage of people like some services might. Book a service that you're interested in and I'll see you soon...

Herbal Consultation

Don't want to be prescribed medication from your doctor? Want an alternative solution? Schedule with me and let's talk preventative and holistic treatments.

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Guitar Lessons

Yes almost 20 years of playing the guitar so if you're serious about learning then sign up and lets jam!

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Marketing Specialist/Consultant

If you're a start-up business and want someone personal that can take your online marketing worries away, book with me. I'm affordable, fun and would love to help you get up and running!

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Solution & Resources

Sometimes you might feel stuck with job search, resume building, power point presentations, or just need someone to discuss with to hear an objective opinion or solution. I'm your gal!

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